Civil Works

DESERT HILLS is a leading supplier of equipment, machinery and accessories for the construction, demolition and recycling industries. We supply all kinds of civil work-related materials with transportation. Our clients can obtain an extensive range of Stone Crusher plant from us. We have crusher plants in Fadhly and Summan for ease of supply for any kind of civil materials requirement in the kingdom. We timely deliver out high-quality equipment to meet customer needs as well as provide professional advice to our customers, find innovative solutions to their specific requirements and treat them as our business partners.

DESERT HILLS has a wide variety of dump configuration trucks that can meet any of our client’s requests. We are initially focusing on the aggregate materials industry with plans to venture into other commercial and industrial services in the near future. We have chosen the haulage industry as the growth prospects are encouraging and stable, with road haulage dominating the freight industry in this country.DESERT HILLS is a customer-centric organization looking to become one of the premiere Supply All kind of civil work related Materials with transportations companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its adjacent region.